XY5 matrix display is just a display component. In order to make it truly magical, you need a way to feed your design into it. Even most of our customers prefer to create a software by themselves or embedd our flipdots display into their system, some may need a ready solution.

The iFLIP system installed on a Windows PC micro-computer or all-in-one computer allows to create a master control unit which can control a flipdot sign. It is created for end customer and makes it possible to show static graphics or animated images on the sign. Flexibility of addressing and easiness of user interface makes this solution a dedicated one for shops, trade fair booths, receptions or any other place where a flip dot sign can be installed. No programming skills is needed to control a flipdot display.


iFLIP is a software which has been created to run on a sign created from our XY5 panels. It features:

  • possibility to drive panels overs rs485 interface or use Ethernet-to-RS485 converters for better speed and performance
  • flexible configuration allowing to setup for operation for as little as one 7×28 panel and as large as few hundred panels.
  • possibility to show static images and animations
  • built in tool to resample existing animations to fit limited resolution of flipdots signs

Main functions

  • combines series of static images or animations into animations suitable for transmission to a sign resamples source files to fit into resolution of a sign <\li>
  • re-converts input files into 1-bit graphics to fit into color space of a sign
  • built-in weekly schedulers
  • allows to enable / disable individually each section of the project
  • allows preview of a project before sending it into actual panels
  • calculates duration of a project
  • accepts .BMP, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, TIFF, .GIF, .GIF(animated) as input files
  • setup section allows to configure physical addressing of individual panels
  • shuffle, repeat or defined order of the frames.

Hardware requirements

We tested this software with all – in – one computers ( well suited for space limited environments). The computer with the software must run continuously while the controlled sign is run – as a result it is strongly recommended to use a dedicated machine to avoid incompatibilities with other installed software

    • PC computer(tested also on Intel NUC or PIPO X8 2GB of free place on a HDD
    • .NET 4.5 libraries version
    • Intel i3 processor or better
    • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Ethernet port to connect to Ethernet – to – Rs485
    • Ethernet to RS485 converter (optional but recommended for high speed applications)
    • 2 GB RAM



 iFLIP – software datasheet.pdf