XY5 matrix display is just a display component. In order to make it truly magical, you need a way to feed your design into it. Even most of our customers prefer to create a software by themselves or embedd our flipdots display into their system, some may need a ready solution.

The Maestro system is a complete solution which is delivered together with a Linux based hardware controller. It connects via Wifi to LAN and via Ethernet cable to a network of RS485 converters feeding signal directly to flip dot panels.

It is designed for end customer, however its is designed to allow companies or individuals to expand its functions by writting special applets which we call FlipApps. They communicate with core driver over IP ports and allows to show outputs without worrying about all hardware part.

The set of FlipApps currently available is:

  • Image/Animations – allowing to show bitmaps in GIF / BMP format or animated GIF files with various options to adjust sampling threshold, speed of animation and general composition.
  • Text – allows to show quick text messages on the screen with options to set height of the letters

Future FlipApps will include:

  • streaming HDMI signal
  • streaming video signal from a camera

The systems comes pre-programmed for a set of panels. Easiness of user interface makes this solution a dedicated one for shops, trade fair booths, receptions or any other place where a flip dot sign can be installed. No programming skills is needed to control a flipdot display.

The controller works as a standalone device. You connect to it using web browser what means that you can program your sign from a phone, tablet or a computer.  If you re-direct ports on your router and have constant IP address, you can control your sign from any place in the world.

Once programmed it works automatically without any user intervention. It starts automatically when powered.


Maestro is a software which has been created to run on a sign created from our XY5 panels. It features:

  • possibility to drive panels overs rs485 interface or use Ethernet-to-RS485 converters for better speed and performance
  • flexible configuration allowing to setup for operation for as little as one 7×7 panel and as large as few hundred panels.
  • possibility to show static images and animations
  • possibility to show text messages
  • possibility to easily expand its functions with little programming effort
  • allows to work with 7×28 and 14×28 panels, as well as flip – digits panels

Main functions

  • programming content for flip dots displays
  • show text messages
  • show enmations
  • built-in weekly schedulers
  • allows preview of a project before sending it into actual panels
  • accepts .BMP, .PNG,  .GIF, .GIF(animated) as input files

Hardware requirements

You need power and Wifi for the system to operate.

Demo version

Drop us a line and we will send you a link to test the software!