XY5 FlipDot panels  has been designed to build larger displays. Each is equipped with a suitable controller which. Just add 24V and data source and you are ready to go!

 Fixing points allows to construct arrays. Lack of margins ensures continues display area.


Panels can be driven with any RS-485 capable device, for example Arduino, Raspberry Pi , Mac or PC with USB/RS485 converter.  In order to build a display the following components must be also added:

  • construction frame,
  • housing,
  • RS485 data source (can be a PC with RS485 output, Arduino, etc.),
  • power supply (24V).

For larger installations we suggest to use Ethernet – to – RS485 converters with multiple outputs. Keeping low numer of controllers on one data line, allows to drive these displays with an increadible speed of 15 frames per second (black – to – white).

Typical applications include

  • graphical artistic display installations
  • interactive installations
  • information signs and displays
  • message boards

We are offering various sizes in order to fit your requirements, always in two disk diameter: 13.5mm (0.53″) or 8.9mm (0.35″).

Technical data

available dots sizes: 8,9mm (0,35")13,5mm (0,53")
supply voltage: 24V DC
control interface: RS-485 RS-485 or LAN
protocol: proprietary - available upon request

ORBITAL – circular flip dot display and kinetic sculpture at VW Autostadt – 180.000 pixels

ORBITAL – circular flip dot display and kinetic sculpture at VW Autostadt – 180.000 pixels, photo: Cristopher BauderHuge rings made from aluminum flipdots is a new welcome sign in WV Autostad. Beautiful design realized by joint efforts of Polyphon and Christopher Bauder from WhiteVOID. Custmized displays delilvered proudly by Alfa-Zeta / Flipdots.com.



GALAXY Split Scan installation

yout1Samsung Electronics Japan opened a pop-up Galaxy Studio at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo in December 2012. “Split Scan” installed in the exhibition section expresses the innovative new technology and functionality of Galaxy, Samsung’s series of mobile computing devices produced.
A 4.3 meter wide wall consists of a flip-dots display and an original program using a range image sensor. When you stand in front of the wall, it scans your movement and shows it in real-time on the display.


Flip-Dot Wall for Media Ambition Tokyo

yout2Flip-dot display featuring digital zapping system. Exhibited at Media Ambition Tokyo, held from Friday 15th until Sunday 17th February 2013 at Roppongi Hills.




Reactive super-speed 30fps electromagnet dot display for TNT’s “Perception”

For more details please visit http://breakfastny.com





New York Yankees Stadium

»Delete« project

Interactive flip dot board


The MOB Museum http://themobmuseum.org

Flip-Dot Wall 196 x 56 pixels


Product images

Flip-Dot Board XY5