Tired of LED? Try this one.  If you are looking for an interactive sign that would catch attention by movement of its dots or for an industrial display that will last for years and keep info with no energy – this is the site for you. In the age of IoT, these traditional displays still find their place.  It allows to show messages without any power and this information will be visible in a very wide range of light conditions. Read more …
How it Works
The flip disk or flag  assembly includes a permanent magnet. The selected flip disc changes position according to the controlled change in the magnetic field of a closely coupled electromagnetic coil. Read more …
Custom Made Projects

Incredible, interactive and ecological technology which allows to build large, monochromatic signs which are making a lot of noise while changing – they capture viewer’s attention. Read more …

Flipdots Matrices

Flip-Dot Boards XY5  has been designed to build larger displays. The boards are equipped with  boards controllers. Read more …


We offer a ready-made control units for small and large 7-segment displays and flip-dot boards. Also, we are able to design a customized control unit for every application and custom projects. Read more …

Software for Matrix Walls
Services If you are looking for a ready made solution for your project and you do not want to spend your efforts on programming, a specilized software is available. We can also develope something for you. Read more …

Flipdots displays need no power to keep their state.
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Recent Projects

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We like mass production. If you are willing to use these displays in your product – let us know. Also small samples orders are available. Please contact for further details.

About us

For over 25 years we supply electromagnetic display components and flip-dots or flip-disc based displays. We are probably the only company in the world offering a full and complete range of products: status indicators, flip-dot boards, flip-dot walls, large and small 7-segment displays, spare parts and complete devices.

We have customers in over 50 countries around the world.

We started in 1993 as a Polish dealer of FP Electronics to become a European distributor in 2004 just before closing of the company. In 2007 we purchased a production line from MARK IV FP Electronics and we are continuing a production.