Incredible, interactive and ecological technology which allows to build large, monochromatic signs which are making a lot of noise while changing – they capture viewer’s attention. Electromagnetic way of control together with mechanical inertia of display links creates an effect of content appearing out of chaos of shaking pixels. Watch the video.



This is a device where art, electronics and precise mechanics meet

Technically speaking such a sign is a set of moving plastic disks with permanent magnet, which are driven by magnetic field. This technology was widely used for public transport or in sport signs where disks were slow and static. We managed to elaborate control method which allows to show moving pictures at a rate of 15 frames per second. Thanks to this we can show videos, animations and other effects.

Key features

  • The signs can work outdoor, programming is done by a pen-drive with a program constructed from still images in BMP format and AVI animations. Other programming methods are also possible.
  • Images are constructed from moving disks turned colored side to observers The disks reflect light. The more light the better but never more then at ambient.
  • It catches attention with movement and differentiation and not blinding light which does have to fight the Sun.
  • Energy is needed only to change content what results in a very small power consumption.

In our world dominated by LEDs, it creates a difference.


Technical data

available dots sizes: 8,9mm (0,35"), 13,5mm (0,53")
available dots colors: white, yellow, green, orange (all other colors upon request)
min. resolution: 28 x 7
max. resolution: any - multiples of 28 (horizontal) x 14 (vertical)
supply voltage: 24V DC
default control interface: RS-485 or LAN
Functionalityplaying BMP, GIF, AVI , scrolling text, streaming camera and HDMI inputs

Outdoor applications

Requires weatherproof enclosure, the modules should be protected from the temperatures extremes created by sun-loading on the display enclosure.



ORBITAL – circular flip dot display and kinetic sculpture at VW Autostadt – 180.000 pixels

ORBITAL – circular flip dot display and kinetic sculpture at VW Autostadt – 180.000 pixels, photo: Cristopher BauderHuge rings made from aluminum flipdots is a new welcome sign in WV Autostad. Beautiful design realized by joint efforts of Polyphon and Christopher Bauder from WhiteVOID. Custmized displays delilvered proudly by Alfa-Zeta /



GALAXY Split Scan installation

yout1Samsung Electronics Japan opened a pop-up Galaxy Studio at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo in December 2012. “Split Scan” installed in the exhibition section expresses the innovative new technology and functionality of Galaxy, Samsung’s series of mobile computing devices produced.
A 4.3 meter wide wall consists of a flip-dots display and an original program using a range image sensor. When you stand in front of the wall, it scans your movement and shows it in real-time on the display.


Flip-Dot Wall for Media Ambition Tokyo

yout2Flip-dot display featuring digital zapping system. Exhibited at Media Ambition Tokyo, held from Friday 15th until Sunday 17th February 2013 at Roppongi Hills.




Reactive super-speed 30fps electromagnet dot display for TNT’s “Perception”

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New York Yankees Stadium

Yankees Stadium from New York has chosen Alfa-Zeta as a supplier of this technology to realize a large sign – part of exhibition committed to Yogi Berra at a the New York Yankees Stadium in New York. The sign is a part of a mural showing this famous player. It is showing a presentation including various statements (“yogisms”) from which Mr Berra is well known.


The MOB Museum

Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, The Mob Museum showcases both sides of the notorious battle between organized crime and law enforcement. With high-tech theater presentations, iconic one-of-a-kind artifacts, and interactive exhibits, you can finally discover the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Flip-Dot Wall 196 x 56 pixels

resolution 196 x 56 pixels (7 x 4 boards)