If you need a display that will stand out from the crowd and catch attention of your customers or observers - this is the solution.



This display / photo / video is done by Ksawery Kirklewski (click to see his website about this project.

This is a full graphical display with full graphical capabilities.

What is used here is a 28 digits panel:

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These components are also available:

 Consisting of 7 electromagnetic operated light reflecting segments, the module can display the digits 0-9, plus a limited selection of alpha characters. The character height is 1" (26mm). These modules are manufactured on original FP Electronics equipment purchased by Alfa-Zeta and according to FP specifications.

Typical applications included

  • gas/petrol pump readouts
  • price display PWB
  • portable measuring equipment displays
  • weigh scales
  • toll booths

Prices upon request - just drop e-mail at info@flipdots.com or fill in the contact form below!

Operating characteristics

Each segment contains a permanent magnet which interacts with an electro-magnet. A current pulse activates a reversal of the magnetic field induced in the electromagnet which determines whether the segment is exposed (set) or retracted (reset). The segments are molded from a white UV resistant material to ensure high visual impact over a wide ambient light range, including direct sunlight. The background color is matte black.


There are no lamps to burn out and no mechanical linkages to wear out. The segments are rated for over 250 million operations. The modules are highly resistant to shock and vibration and are particularly suited to mobile applications with wide temperature extremes. Millions of these units have been in operation worldwide for over 20 years. No other display technology can match this performance and reliability.

They are available as components but also as ready devices driven from serial interface.


Available sizes are:

  • single digits
  • 1x10 counter
  • 4x7 panel intended to use as a graphics display

Technical data

module dimension (W/H/L): 1,072" x 1,690" x 0,962"
operating temperature:-40°C to 75°C (see application notes)
storage temperature: -45°C to 85°C
relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
coil resistance: 45Ω ±10% w 20°C
coil temperature coefficient: 0.195°C/mW (free air)
coil temperature MAX: 95°C
current pulse amplitude MAX:
(set current limit of driver circuit)
335mA (implies minimum coil voltage of 16 Vdc)
voltage across coil: 19Vdc (see remarks below)
pulse width: 1msec


  • Segment mechanical turning time is within 15msec maximum.
  • At these coil drive parameters, the duty cycle for driving the same segment must be less than 5% (on/off time) therefore allow at least 900msec before driving the same segment again. This will ensure that the segment coil will not accumulate heat.
  • Set current direction drives the segment to be shown, reset current direction is reversed to drive the segment to be hidden.

Applicaton notes

  • The module must be protected from the temperature extremes created by sunloading on the display enclosure.
  • A UV screening material should be included in the design of the enclosure window.
  • Life test (at 14 operations per minute) is currently over 94 million operations without any failure.
  • During cleaning of the printed wiring board the head assembly should be separated from the base assembly, as the head assembly does not require cleaning. The use of fluorinated solvents will invalidate the warranty.

Product brochure

pdf-150x150Small 7-segment display - general description
electromagnetic_small_7segment_display.pdf, 404KB