XY7 Flip-digits panels  has been designed as an expansion and continuation of dot matrix. They are madde from small 1″ (2.54 cm) digits which used to be very popular as gasoline price displays worldwide. Now, they allow to show more creative content.

Panels can be driven with any RS-485 capable device, for example Arduino, Raspberry Pi , Mac or PC with USB/RS485 converter.  In order to build a display the following components must be also added:

  • construction frame,
  • housing,
  • RS485 data source (can be a PC with RS485 output, Arduino, etc.),
  • power supply (24V).

For larger installations we suggest to use Ethernet – to – RS485 converters with multiple outputs. Keeping low numer of controllers on one data line, allows to drive these displays with an increadible speed of 30 frames per second (black – to – white).

Our control software also is able to control them. Learn more…

Difference with respect to dot -matrix displays

  • image is created from lines so it is much easier to show images which has a linear geometry
  • flags are smaller and they are designed to show quickly changing gas prices atthe pump. This results in higher refresh rate.
  • Flags are smaller then the dots so it is possible to simulate ‘greyscales’

Typical applications include

  • graphical artistic display installations
  • interactive installations
  • information signs and displays
  • message boards

We are offering various sizes in order to fit your requirements, always in two disk diameter: 13.5mm (0.53″) or 8.9mm (0.35″).

Available options

available sizes:7x28, 10 digits, 1 digit
single digit size1" (2.54 cm)
colorwhite on black
refresh speedup to 60 fps
supply voltage: 24V DC
control interface: RS-485
protocol: proprietary - available upon request

Ksawery Kirklewski

Very interesting artistic project by Ksawery  Kirklewski

Flipdigits Player ← Ksawery Komputery

Motus Art

Water simulation by Motus Art

Motus Art Instagram (@motus_art)