In spite of a constant development of LED technologies, electromagnetic technology is still irreplaceable in many applications. It allows to show messages without any power and this information will be visible in a very wide range of light conditions.

Excellent visibility in various light conditions.

The light reflecting elements provide excellent visibility over a wide range of ambient light conditions. Visibility increases with an increase in the ambient light level. The elements do not demand any additional illumination during day time, and only small external illumination at night.



High reliability – small operation costs.

There are no bulbs to burn out and no mechanical linkages to wear out. The segments / disks are the only moving parts and are rated for over 150 million operations on average.

Shock and vibration resistance, small power consumption – small operation cost.

Power is only required to change the data displayed. Inherent magnetic memory in each segment retains the display indefinitely without power being applied. Multiple displays can be operated on a few watts of total power. The elements are highly resistant to shock and vibration and are particularly suited to mobile applications with wide temperature extremes.

Small number of components – small start up cost.

The “magnetic memory” reduces number of devices and connectors. Control system does not need refresh pulses in order to keep displayed information, what is the case in other types of display elements.

Fast operation – possibility of showing many information in a short time.

The final devices using electromagnetic elements can have their own microprocessor controllers or they can co-operate with a PC computer (via RS485 interface) As such the displays are elements for computer output.

Operation in a extremely difficult weather conditions.

The displays can operate in temperature range from -40°C to +75°C and relative humidity up to 95% (without condensation). Outdoor applications require a weatherproof enclosure.